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If you need to add watermark to pdf files, you can use a free service, Watermark PDF files

Merge pdf is a free service where you can upload your pdf files and merge them into one file. This makes it much simpler to search for information inside the merged document. This also makes it simpler to share with co-workers and friends.

Today is quite common to buy magazines and cartoons as ebooks. With this free service, you can upload a whole month, or a whole years worth of magazines and put it onto your iPad or Kindle device. That way your file will take up much less screen space being just 1 file instead of more than 30.

After this you can put your new document onto all your new devices and read all the information you want, with 1 file, and your device will remember where you were last time. You don't have to remember which of your books or magazines you have read.

Your documents are safe on our servers, only you have access to them. No one can see them. Your files are also deleted periodically.

There are no upload limits or maximum files that we are aware of